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Alliance Focused Therapy

Alliance Focused Therapy (AFT) is an empirically based approach for helping therapists to develop the skills to build and maintain a strong therapeutic alliance, which is an essential part of any effective treatment. AFT also helps therapists develop and refine their abilities to engage “hard to reach” clients and to work constructively with therapeutic impasses or alliance ruptures when they occur.

Next Course

29th June 2020 (Level 1)
30th June 2020 (Level 2)
1st July 2020 (Intro to Level 3)


Ewart House, Oxford, UK


ALL 3 DAYS £500

LEVELS 1 & 2 £330

LEVEL 1 only £175

Early bird booking by 8th May
All 3 Days £450
Levels 1 & 2 £300
Level 1 £150

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