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Interpersonal Mindfulness Program

The 8-week Interpersonal Mindfulness Program was developed by the Centre for Mindfulness and the Metta Foundation in the US to support MBSR graduates in integrating their mindfulness practice into their interactions with others and extend learning to:

  • develop skills for staying present when communicating; 
  • experience greater ease in relationships, with yourself and with others; 
  • deepen connection with others, including friends, family, and colleagues; 
  • recognise emotional and psychological patterns of reactivity in your interactions with others;
  • increase relational confidence; 
  • and work one-to-one with people, deepening your capacity for empathy. 

Relating to others is a fundamental aspect of our everyday lives, with family, friends, in the workplace and in our wider community. Our relationships can be a source of happiness when we feel connected to others, and a source of stress when miscommunication inevitably happens.

Interpersonal Mindfulness offers a bridge between our solitary meditation practice, and our relational lives. Building on the skills learnt on the MBSR course, this course will teach you the meditative guidelines central to the practice of Interpersonal Mindfulness. Skills that will support you in embodying a greater awareness in interactions with others.

The 8-week course consists of eight, two and a half hour sessions and a full day retreat. The sessions include periods of silent meditation, movement and interpersonal meditation. We will work with carefully guided and timed contemplations, in pairs or in small groups, to enable participants to be able to observe the mental and emotional habits that are usually invisible to them in the flow of stressful, or even pleasant, communication. In this way, reactive patterns of communication become clearer, and thereby choices become available to communicate with greater skill. Ultimately our relationships can transform from a source of unhappiness to a source of enrichment, and even joy.

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13 jan 2020


8-week course






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PRICE £300

Early bird booking by 30th Nov £250
Students £250
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