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What people are saying

“I feel a sense of empowerment. That I don’t need to let a conversation go down the same tired old route, I have other choices. Instead of reacting to my reactions – I’ve at times been able to be curious instead and to validate my experience and open it up for consideration.” S.S.S.

“The warmth and strength of connection through the contemplation has really struck me. I’m aware of making the most of a brief exchange to connect with others in a way that’s sustaining when perhaps we meet only occasionally.” C.K.

“A wonderful addition to the masters in mindfulness I’ve recently completed. I feel the course has enabled me to find ‘the way in’ to be mindful during all kinds of interactions with others.” M.M.

“It has reignited my mindfulness practice and broadened it. Without knowing it I was finding my mindfulness practice insular and it was only doing so much for me. The IM has broadened it into areas (interpersonal interaction) that I have benefitted from much more than ‘solo’ mindfulness.” S.H.

“Appreciation of the deeper connection with another when ‘the story’ is not repeated. Experiencing the commonality of people in seeking connection which comes from what is true in the present.” P.W.

“Coming to the course each week has offered a valuable space to experience true, authentic human connection.” M.W.

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